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At Eminent, we believe the role of the interior designer is to transform your home into a space of comfort and delight.
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Interior Design Services

Our professional interior designers love to envision and create spaces that express your individuality in surprising ways. We're not about the latest trends or tricks. Every room is a custom composition, artfully crafted just for you.
interior design furnishings
Fit and Flow
Our interior designers know when the butterfly ottoman makes sense, and when it doesn't. We'll help you select comfortable, quality furnishings that are right for you.
interior design pantry storage
Spaces for Stuff
Storage Solutions
Most people have stuff. And some of us, especially if we have kids, have a lot of it. Our interior designers will help incorporate innovative, attractive storage solutions into your home.
interior kitchen finishes
Surprising Combinations
Materials & Finishes
With our keen eye for combining colors, textures, and patterns we'll help you select materials and finishes that complement the architecture of your home. You'll be surprised at what "works".
interior design lighting
Lighting makes a big difference in how a space feels and functions. Our interior designers make sure your home is lit properly and stylishly all day, all night, all year round.
interior design window treatments
Blinds, Shades, Drapes
Window Treatments
Colorful drapes, sleek blinds, room darkening shades. In addition to their practical uses, window treatments can be fun or funky, sophisticated or sexy.
interior design floors
Rugs, Carpets, Planks
Floor Treatments
Flooring materials and rugs have both decorative and practical uses. Our interior designers use them to define spaces, protect bare feet from the cold, and as works of art.
interior paint & walls
The Right Choice
Paint & Wall Coverings
Have you ever tried and failed to choose the right paint color or wall covering? Do we need to say more?
With us in your corner, you can make design choices with confidence. You'll feel completely at home the moment you walk into your newly designed space.
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