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Whether we're joining, creating, or leading your team, our interior designers complement the talents of architects and custom home builders and elevate the practice of new home design.
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Custom Home Collaboration

Working alongside architects and builders, our interior designers help you imagine, design, and build the perfect luxury home for you and your loved ones.
The Third Discipline
A Valuable Point of View
Many people wait to hire an interior designer until after critical planning decisions have been made. What they don't realize is how valuable our point of view and experience can be from the beginning.
An Expert's Eye
Cohesive New Home Design
Our role is to help you express and realize your vision. From designing skylights in rooms where natural light is lacking to making suggestions for where plumbing and heating need to be rerouted, our voice at the table ensures your new home design is cohesive and tailored to your routines and living habits.
We Live In the Details
A Different Perspective
We think differently about new home design than architects and builders do. We live in the details – like furniture placement, how much space you need for the piano bench, where and how you'll store your things, and where you'll want to put lamps and artwork.
Enhancing the Design
Materials and Finishes
As someone who knows your Pinterest mood board inside-out, we're always thinking about the tiny but important design details and how you will live in your home. When we're involved from the get-go, we can suggest and contribute ideas that will enhance the space and elevate the design.
Visualizing the Space
Extra Expert Eyes
Building a new home is exciting! And it's complicated. It's easy to miss important details – especially if you don't have experience reading floorplans, looking at elevations, and visualizing spaces. When we look at plans and elevations, we know what questions to ask, what to look for, and how to avoid common (and not so common) mistakes.
Building the Team
Creative Partnerships
Over the years, we've had opportunities to work with extraordinary architects and builders. We're happy to help you find the right architect and builder and build a creative team for your new home.
From Start To Finish
Bringing Your Vision to Life
We're just going to say it. It's HARD to design and build a luxury home. The process is complex and the financial stakes are high. You can count on Eminent to represent you from start to finish; from choosing the team to the final walkthrough. We understand the process may be new to you, but it's not new to us. We'll be your guide!
When you integrate the practices of interior design, architecture, and construction, something extraordinary happens. The result is much more than the sum of its parts.
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