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Reviving Your Body & Soul
Your bathroom is a momentary space of solitude where you can unwind from the day. There's nothing like a hot shower or a long soak in the bathtub to help disconnect from the world. We're here to help you create that private oasis.
spa bathroom, shower, soaking tub, custom vanity and mirror


We’ll work 1:1 to design a spa-like bathroom that enhances your well-being. A collaborative and fun approach that delivers a beautiful and practical bathroom design.
white and bright marble bathroom, vanity, jetted tub
Efficient Space Planning
Reimagined Floor Plan
Our bathroom designers will deliver a space that encourages your well-being. We'll sort out layout issues and spatial concerns, resulting in a multi-dimensional plan that is beautiful and functional.
modern bathroom with transom windows, long vanity
Form, Function & Beauty
A Triple Threat
Bathroom designers will check every box on what a dream bathroom should be. We promise a gorgeous design with an optimal layout.
spa bathroom, shower, soaking tub, custom vanity and mirror
Self Care & Relaxation
Spa Getaway
Heavenly showers, soaking tubs, and steam units bring the spa-like atmosphere to life.
custom storage and mirror
Built-in custom storage options
Custom Storage
Our bathroom designers will keep in mind your daily routines and product preferences during the selection of materials.
modern black and white bathroom, subway tile, shower, vanity
Distinguished Fixtures
Perfect Lighting
Vanity lights, wall sconces, and or pendants to create the perfect lighting for daily routines.
bathroom with concrete standing tub, TV, fireplace and seating
TVs, Fireplaces & Seating
Extra Amenities
Elevate your space with unexpected “extras.” The fire's warm, your favorite movie is playing, and the bath is at the perfect temperature. What could be better?
pink and grey bathroom, standing tub, chandelier hanging above tub
Add Personal Style
A Touch of Glamour
Stay true to yourself and what you like—especially in the owners’ suite. It’s a separate space that we can make your own.
floating grey marble top in powder room
Executing the Vision & Beyond
Choosing a Building Partner
Our job doesn't stop after design. We work side-by-side with you and the building partner of your choice to execute the vision. We're with you until the very end to help along the way and see the project through.
By the end of our journey together, you'll be stepping into luxury. Your morning and evening rituals have never felt so good.
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