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Kitchen Design

Whimsical White Kitchen

Lakeville, MN
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Brandi hagen
Principal Designer / Owner
large island with three chairs in a white kitchen

Timeless Allure

A white kitchen design is a classic choice that can be elevated with details. Imagine white as your canvas and other colors as your paint. When you add colorful details, interesting textures, and your style, your kitchen becomes a reflection of your personality.

Kitchen Remodeling Design
before and after of the kitchen window

Before & After: Shifting the Layout

The kitchen, previously dark and outdated, now showcases a brighter and more vibrant style. Appliances were rearranged, and the island's orientation was shifted and expanded to accommodate a prep sink.

Layout Design
bright island in white kitchen

Complementing Colors

Choosing a vibrant color for the island base creates a focal point of your kitchen. In this project, we paired a coral base with white cabinets and countertops. Introducing metal elements, such as hardware or light pendants, complements the warm undertones of coral and creates an elegant contrast.

Kitchen Island Design

Hand-Crafted Glass Pendants

Lighting Design

The local, hand-crafted light fixtures by Hennepin Made are a fantastic addition to the kitchen. We were able to select both the glass color and the shape, and they custom-made the canopy for ceiling mounting.

white and gray kitchen sink and window
A kitchen sink with a combination of closed and open shelves, to avoid overcrowding the space.
white cabinets and wall oven

Cooking Convenience

On this wall, we opted for the Wolf Double Wall Oven and Microwave known for its sleek design and precision cooking. Additionally, you'll find continued storage and drawer space, as well as a convenient push door for easy access to the expanded first-floor laundry room.

A built-in bar is just off the kitchen.
before and after of the kitchen wall to now a bar wall

Before & After: Elegant Kitchen Bar

Previously, this wall housed the refrigerator and cabinets, which felt disconnected from the rest of the kitchen. With a fresh color scheme and a new purpose, the bar now stands as an independent element. Located right off the dining area, it still maintains a connection between the family room and the kitchen.

circle dining table off of the kitchen

Casual & Versatile Seating

We made the kitchen practical for everyday use by adding lots of comfortable seating. You can have a quick meal together or grab a snack at the island. If you have friends over, the dining table can expand to easily accommodate 8 to 10 people. For formal meals, the dining room at the front of the house is still available.

Seating Design
kitchen island opening up to the family room

Sight lines into the Family Room

When you're in the kitchen, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the family room. This new space is open but maintains a sense of connection that's perfect for quality family time.

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