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Kitchen Design

Radiant Kitchen-Living Renovation

Orono, MN
eminent member
Brandi hagen
Principal Designer / Owner
gold and white living room

Bold & Vibrant Renovation

Meet our long-time clients! Previously we refreshed a majority of their home in Colorful Interior Design. This time, the family wanted their living room and kitchen to feel brighter and vibrant. Alongside contractor Taurer Inc., the Eminent team explored new ideas to embrace an avant-garde design. The kitchen-living space now features a modernized fireplace surround, a thoughtful selection of colorful furniture and lighting, and a lovely kitchen island!

Remodeling Design
gold and white living room fireplace

Aesthetics Meet Durability

Designing a fireplace with a singular material, coupled with size, draws the eye right in. Though it may appear as marble, the fireplace is constructed from porcelain slabs mitered together by Moderno Porcelain Works! The result? You get the elegance of marble without compromising on durability.

Fireplace Design

Pairing in Style

Interior Design

In the living room, an artful pairing of colors, patterns, textures, and unconventional shapes encourages a design philosophy where everything doesn't always have to be the same. Embrace the beauty of diversity and individuality in your decor, for a curated aesthetic that reflects your unique style.


Corner Solutions

Storage Design

We maximized the corner space with extra storage and open wood shelving which was stained to complement the new flooring. When styling your shelves, ensure a balanced mix of colors, heights, and shapes!

white kitchen with green stools

Glamour in the Kitchen

Previously the island wasn't fit for the space. We introduced a larger island which was also crafted by Moderno Porcelain Works. Notice that the kitchen island overhangs and is elegantly supported by gold legs, providing an opportunity to maximize seating with chairs on all three ends. To complement the gold accents on the island, we incorporated sleek pendant lighting.

Kitchen Island Design

Visual Continuity

Cohesive Design Choices

The wide opening between the kitchen and living room encourages connection. To create a cohesive design, we introduced green and gold colors throughout both areas, making the two spaces feel connected and well-coordinated.